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What a time to be alive. Feels only natural I'm writing this in the cold April rain from a cozy, beautifully inspired house on a hill in Joshua Tree. Or does it? A month ago no one could have predicted we'd be where we are now. In-fact, one month ago I was shooting this video in cenotes around Tulum, Mexico with my amazing mother. As a flight attendant with Delta, I was flying nearly free as her companion, having likely sat on over 40 planes in the last 3 months, living my best life as a digital nomad and creator. . . full of enormous thanks, until it all came to a screeching halt. You know the feeling. I'm happy to say myself, family and entire orbit of friends and community are so far healthy during this time. Happiness has been another matter, as this indeed feels like the start to some new world age, so, it's my plan and commitment to be brave. As I'd already been developing an online digital product, finishing my novel of 10 year, Occupation Superhero, and recording new songs plus a set of mantras, I've found this time essential in finishing and launching these creations and tools for the future. My new site will be live next week! I'm also building sites for other small brands and businesses, so please keep that in your mind :) SPREAD THE WORD. More than ever, we must be open to supporting each other. Community is the immunity. So continue on, warriors. It's my hope your'e staying warm and loved. I wish more than the world I had my partner here with me but I also see this as an imperative moment in my life to be free, and ready to embrace the next vibration of abundance, happiness and love. In the light of that, I AM SO SO THANKFUL and Good Friday I proudly give you SACRIFICE . . . what are you throwing into the water for transformation and cleansing today? coming soon. If you love this video and others we've created, and you are a patron to the arts and music, I accept tips at my Venmo, @aydraj - since my photography business is on hold and I can't play shows, I'm relying like many of us, on the power of the virtual world community and social platforms. Stay inspired, alive and safe out there, hug your loved ones, keep them close, and count your blessings :)


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