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O M G. It's here. I'm steeped in gratitude to have brought this special song and video to fruition. When I first wrote this hook it was so clear what the lyrics had to be, it fell into place so naturally with the help of Emvy. I love the final product and adore performing it. Special thanks to James Aitken for your wonderful contribution as my DP and eyes and absolutely beautiful editing style. Thanks to Emvy for being my heart and my ears and my support always and agreeing to my crazy shoot ideas. I filmed a drone shot myself in Crete on Bolos Beach, the other shots were taken in Joshua Tree, at Giant Rock and under the famed 6th st bridge in Los Angeles. Thank you for taking a moment if your inspired to watch and listen! To share, comment, like and subscribe to my channel. I work so hard to bring what I feel into the world and when I do I feel the most aligned with spirit, the most healed and the most able to serve and help others to feel, love and live their dreams. Let's get close, XO Aydra


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