After colliding with Emvy Venti east-side LA in 2016, the pair declared an escape from LA to the high-desert of Joshua Tree. They embarked on a musical duo electro-pop journey playing dozens of shows and releasing two albums and 4 singles within the span of just 3 years. With an outpouring of support in the community they filmed and released multiple muisc videos and worked with a circus-duo to bring Aydras aerial singing arts vision to life. 

After a wild ride of fleeting success the two parted ways, becoming nomadic and eventually found themselves on the other side of a pandemic in Tulum, Mexico writing new material. The reunion was short-lived however beautiful, and Aydra went on to finishing the material on her own, pro-claiming a new brand of artistry- ÆYDRA and mapping out her drip releases starting with  a single 'Breathe Out', and EP ODYSSEE coupled with underwater-inspired videos.


She's beyond elated to also be running retreats for Goddesses and bringing core-media creation to others while sharing her gift of music and performance. Stay tuned for ODYSSEE and more this summer and fall 2022 as she rolls out the new material coupled with mantra and breath-work original series as well.