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They embarked on a musical duo, (Bellstarr)  an electro-pop journey through sound, visuals and performing arts playing dozens of shows and releasing two albums, 4 singles and countless music videos within the span of 3 years. With an outpouring of support in the community, they worked alongside a circus duo to bring Aydra's aerial singing vision to life, producing half a dozen 'Big-Top' shows. 

In 2018 after a brief Southwest American tour where they produced a traveling vlog and broadened their photo and video tools, Aydra launched her first Airbnb experience in Joshua Tree and began shooting with hundreds of subjects in the desert forming her second business and earning the ability to invest more time and resources into her music.

The experience quickly gained 5-star status and the 2 eventually found themselves on a nomadic journey on the other side of a pandemic in Tulum, Mexico writing new material for her next album.


Fast forward to 2022, Aydra took some solo time to form her lifelong vision of a traveling Supperclub while completing the new album, Odyssee. After shooting with thousands of guests, she wanted to elevate the concept with focus on women empowerment, launching a small wandering gown rental for shoots and retreats. With the release of Odyssee on 11.11.22 Aydra is now focused on live shows, new singles, and inspired adventures, shoots, + supperclubs in 2023. She remains dedicated to reaching and inspiring her audience through stimulating the 5 senses with the 4 elements and being a conscious and cosmic pop-star for the new age. 

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