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DEEP SAND - New Release!

Hola, warriors of the brave new age! So much has happened it would be nearly impossible to rewind these last few months but to sum it up I'll use the words extraordinary and transformative. Being in the age of Covid has taught us so much, for one how to be more compassionate and work as a whole, to shed light on social topics, ask questions, take care of ourselves and others and be fearless as the veils are lifting. During our different stages of 'lock-down' it's assured we all had deep insights as to what our purpose here truly is, how to be of the highest service and how to practice more surrender and gratitude for the precious resources of this world we may have taken for granted.

For Emvy and I, we had that once in a lifetime chance to ask ourselves what we really wanted and then, go for it. The answer was a re-soundingly clear need to reunite our skill-sets, passion and love and power on as warriors of change in this New Age. We have re-mastered and are re-releasing Deep Sand, a trop-house inspired single written together last October. It will be live world-wide September 11'th, a day we go deep every year and remember that we are fragile yet strong and that tho the world can change in an instant, we can rise from the ashes and create something transformative from it. It's been an extraordinary time for us in that we've had the enormous blessing to live our dream as nomadic artists, currently creating in beautiful Merida, Mexico, the capital of the Yucatan. Here we are working to design and launch an ad campaign that will (we hope) raise more awareness about our emerging music and evolve our growing audience. I've also been writing and demoing a brand new set of songs that are solely inspired by the magic and peace I find underwater. We will be announcing the title of new new EP soon and just WAIT til you hear this sonic world we've been creating for it with our new tools! WOW.

The industry is a rapidly changing landscape at the moment, as are most, but for music it's an exciting time as streaming and creating live experiences with fans has never been easier. We have faith in these new songs and videos we'll be releasing, many underwater at the Cenotes here in the Maya and in the beautiful Caribbean sea. It is my hope to raise awareness to the vital importance of our precious oceans and work with organizations like Glowing Glowing Gone and other activists to use these stunning underwater journeys to tell a story of how we can mobilize for change and flip the narrative back to not only how to create social justice, equality and a CURE to this virus, but how to stabilize our eco systems and world energy, for without that foundation, what kind of a future do we truly have worth fighting for? Thank you so deeply to those of you whom have followed this odyssey so closely with us; downloaded our music, come to shows, donated to our campaigns and joined our causes. We must support each other more than ever if we are to survive and thrive in the New Age. Please let us know how we can return the favor and thank you for sharing what we're up to in any way that inspires!! We can't wait to share Deep Sand with you and more.

Only Love,


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I have had the chance to see you two preform live 4 times over a three year period. The transformation and growth seen in your performances and the content of your of your music is awesome.

Aydra an Emvy you have a chemistry together that complements you both in your ability to create music.

Glad to hear you are both on the same path again and can't wait to hear your new material.


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