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To follow up her EP Odyssee, ÆYDRA brings us

Iliad of Rainbows (VINLY EDITION), to include all 7 songs from Odyssee as well as her two new singles Close 2 U and Touch Me, plus 2 exclusive unreleased tracks, On Fire and Twilight.

Her first ever vinly run, ÆYDRA will offer just 100 signed copies, which can be pre-ordered at her Kickstarter campaign running from

May 24th to July 1'st  2024

Be one of the 100 to own one!

Digital download and full album docu-film complete with music videos and interviews available.

The goal is to re-coup the expences of production and stretch the goal in effort to invest further into her craft and next album, Morphosis, which is

already in production! 


The idea for Iliad was born out of ÆYDRA's own real-life storytelling of her Iliad and Odyssey. She narrates the famous Greek poet Homer's anguish and search for home in her own words, using her voice, lyrics, videos and images to portray what she describes as "triumph over adversity" or "going through the rain to find the rainbow". She credits her fight as an artist to rise despite the odds to her warrior-like approach to purpose and dedication to her craft. Alternatively, she notes her softness and delicacy as part of what continues to inform her songwriting and ongoing romance with finding home and nurturing community. 

"It's always a balance between being powerful and being vulnerable" 


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