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Hire me as a Copywriter or
Web Designer 

With over 20 years experience as a creative and copywriter, I began to extend my skill to service while working remotely throughout the last 4 years. 

. . .

I offer Airbnb re-writes, consulting and original listing creation as well as copy for your web or social platforms.

. . 

Web building and creative Canva boarding and creation services also available. 

. . 

I've mangaed multiple Instagram accounts and re-imagined websites and copy content for dozens of satified clients! 

. . .

Please contact me for references and rates 

. . .

Rates start at $65/hour


Book a Photoshoot 

After 4 years of professionally shooting with my Airbnb experience for hundreds of guests, I'm thrilled to say the joy of this work spans over 4 locations worldwide! 

Check out more at my IG or portfolio

and here's my current calendar:


January 2-February 5'th: Joshua Tree, CA

February 8'th - 19'th: Southern Thailand

March 1-30'th: Salt Lake City, UT

April 1-27'th: Tulum, MEX

April 28-30th: Sedona, AR

May 1- June 30'th: Joshua Tree, CA

July 1-August: Salt Lake City, UT

August - Sept: Sifnos and Greek islands



Email me below for a


Commission a Song

I've been a singer-songwriter for over 20 years now!

After thousands of songs written, hundreds recorded and dozens published, I've decided to launch song commissioning to my fan base and beyond.


packages 2023


I'll create a 3-4 min song around your story or subject in a stripped-down style of music.

Hear an example

MP3 only: $250



With video (you or recipient sends clips and I'll cut a music video to the song): $400



I'll create a 3-4 min song around your story or subject

in an EDM, pop or rock music format.

Hear an example

MP3 only: $350

With video: $500



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