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ÆYDRA  (Aydra J Swan) is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and entertainer who turns heads and opens hearts with her powerful voice, stage presence, and unique writing and producing skills. Her first single, Super Conscious followed by Signs in the Sky earned her gigs across Los Angeles and support for writing and recording her first album in 2018. Maya followed her debut album Crash in 2019 and in 2022 she released Odyssee a 7-song EP telling a sonic, lush synth-pop story inspired by her travels across the world. Aeydra weaves exciting elements into her live show such as aerial arts, fire dancing, and guest performers, she's released extensive music video content including underwater performance art gaining her an increasingly dedicated audience. She's currently performing gigs worldwide including private events and an exclusive supper-club concept. In November 2023 she released Close 2 U, a deep house-inspired dream pop single, and is preparing to mix her new album Morphosis expected in late 2024.  ÆYDRA was recently published in Shout Out LA and has a growing audience for her underwater works and music videos at her YouTube

New single! released 05/11/24


Super Conscious: 2014 (w/Natarja Tribino) single

Signs in the Sky: 2015 (w/Jay Coffman) single

Crash!: 2018 (w/Emvy Venti) album

Not the GIrl: 2018 (w/Emvy Venti) single 

Angel Army: 2019 (w/Emvy Venti and Jay Coffman) single 

Maya: 2019 (w/Emvy Venti) album

Deep Sand: 2021 (w/Emvy Venti) single

Odyssee: 2022 (w/Emvy Venti) EP

Close 2 U: 2023 (w/Emvy Venti) single

Touch Me: 2024 (w/Emvy Venti) single 

      † While Aeydra writes and initially produces the majority of her works she brings her demos to producers and works alongside her partner of 8 years, Emvy to bring her sonic visions to form. 

      † She sites her inspirations as early trance music from her time in the SF rave scene, pop icons such as Madonna and P!nk as well as synth-wave artists like Robyn and Aroura. 

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-02/25 private event, Joshua Tree, Ca

-03/10 Second Saturdays, Indio, Ca

-04/05 Appearance at Maso Menos, Joshua tree, Ca

-04/06 benefit event 29 Palms, Ca

-05/25 Iliad of Rainbows release party Kitchen in the Desert 29 Palms, ca

-06/07 Iliad of Rianbows release party at The Snake Bite, Yucca Valley

. . .

† For direct booking please see my price sheet or email


† Available for all event types including private concerts, weddings, corporate and special occasion

† Can provide line array Harbinger speaker system, lighting and sound

† For upcoming supper club dates or to host one please visit here

† Available for travel/tours and cruise line/resort contracts

† Rates vary, minimum starts at $500 for appearance/performance


Aeydra is passionate about reef health and ocean awareness, supporting efforts like Glowing Glowing Gone

and beach clean-ups. Mostly she aims to support conscious efforts to minimize our footprint so that all people and future generations can enjoy our beautiful seas and planet. She's an advocate of healthy, intentional living and the freedom to pursue our dreams and purpose in both sovereignty and solidarity.

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