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A Turkish Table - at Odyssee, an exclusive Supperclub by Aeydra

I made a promise to myself ... more blogging and maybe alittle less travel, for now ;) in 2023 I've traveled more in one year than I have in my entire life, crossing the great Atlantic twice, making my dream trip to SouthEast Asia, bouncing down to Mexico a few times and also getting to see more of our beautiful country. I'm deeply grateful. Now that I'm back in the high desert I've made time to return to shooting for my 5-star experience, training on the hoop, building community and also announcing and producing Odyssee, an exclusive Supperclub experience at my best friends property! We hosted 30 people for a sold out dinner and show on Oct 20'th and now we've launched a second date due to popular demand on November 10'th. I also be celebrating the release of my new single, Close 2 U and one year since the release of Odyssee, my 7 song LP from last year.

I wanted this theme to be Turkish as the first was Greek, I'd just returned from shooting a video on Crete and wanted to extend that inspiration into the night and menu. A Turkish Table is born from my wonderful memories of being in Istanbul and Cappadocia back in November 2021. It was such a magical trip and one I took solo, where I had the great honor to fly in a ballon and my first flying dress (now part of my collection and by far my best selling rental!) in various locations including on the back on a horse galloping through the Valley Of Love (hence the rock formations look like giant you know whats)

Some of my fondest memories from the trip were being freezing and always finding a live fire on the streets, in the cafe and restaurants and also, live music filling the air. You could order hot spiced wine on the street and warm your hands by the fire, the culture was so kind and the mezzes were simply amazing! I wanted to share that feeling this November alongside live performances from my album both wielding live fire and spinning from an aerial hoop!

Turkey is indeed a magical land steeped in ancient culture including the rock domes that still have carved within them housing and renovated hotels and rooftops cafes. It's extra beyond words and a place I most certainly plan on returning to, my question for you is, would you travel to Turkey? And, if you'd like to be our guest this November, RSVP now because we are sure to sell out!

With love, Aydra

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