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MAYA - Official album release + shows

I'd like to tell you all a short story; promise to keep it brief. I've written songs since I was 6 ... I know, this is already off to a bad start. However, I am NOT a cliche. I was told I'd never play piano by my teacher that same year. I was told I couldn't write songs like the Beatles, I wasn't exactly pushed to be an artist, I fought for it every single day of my life. I fought to arm myself with a camera, confidence, buy a keyboard, write ALL THE TIME, go to SF and join a dance community instead of college. My family had fallen on hard times and my Dad took a job in Salt Lake, the world lay before me and there I was, broken .... but determined.

Not all artists are handed the torch, some have to literally craft and light it themselves, it's my hope I get to pass mine someday because it's damn well a masterpiece by now. The fire burn hot, it shines bright. I'm an anomaly, I should never have made it this far. I had to innovate businesses on my own with no capital to survive, teach myself to sing, and mold my body back into shape. My friends used to clasp their hands to their ears when I sang, my left shoulder was 4 inches higher on one side... that bad. Have I lost you yet? Do any of you relate to this? To being the underdog, for having to adopt your own discipline to make it as far as you did? I commend you, and so does the creator or whatever it is you may look to as a higher power.

I'll say the 'sprit' has been more than good to me. I am humbled at the Divine presence in my life in the absence of wealth, a record deal, a manager ect. It's taught me deeply valuable lessons I wouldn't trade for anything.

This album IS the album of my life, and for my partner, Emvy too, I feel he's say the same. we almost threw the entire hard drive out the window of a moving van at one point, it's been that painful, that hard, yes, but has it been worth it for all the praise, love and energy we've received from making this happen on our own? Yes, 200% yes.

Above you can hear a 10 min teaser I put together of our now completed and submitted album, it'll go live worldwide on Friday 6.28.19

On 6.29 we do a release party at the Silverlake lounge 6-9 FREE SHOW and then the 5'th of July in Yucca Valley at Frontier 8-12. If you like what you hear, or you believe in us or you have a story to share with me of your own, please consider coming. Or perhaps you're an old friend, family member or long time fan, allow me to just say I love you SO much, THANK YOU, I'll always fight for you and if I can help your dream or YOU in any way, just ask.

In this current climate we MUST pay it forward and help one-another. The system wishes to divide and mechanize us, DO NOT LET IT. Fight for humanity and the TRUTH which is that ONLY LOVE WILL SAVE US and that yes, there IS hope.

The Maya like many civilizations knew we'd approach this moment, at the top of the pyramid - waiting to fall down again. It's the story as old as time. Who wins? NO ONE. LOVE WINS.

That is what will be rewarded. That is what will be remembered, that's where the ripple is made. The elders of the Native Americans believed the most wise had to suffer before having success to understand their real soul and not fall victim to the illusion of wealth and possessions as some ultimate status. It isn't. We know that now I feel, more than ever.

I know you're all busy but please, I'm asking take a moment to hear this 10 minutes of a 13 song album before it releases, make comments, like or share, it's a gift. You're getting to hear it first.

Whatever moves you, maybe you do nothing. I understand that too. But THIS is my HEART and fucking SOUL. Nothing means more at this moment.

In 3 weeks I leave for Greece, once more, to housesit on a small island called Sifnos in the Cyclades group. I'll run my Airbnb photo/video experience which has been a success here in the desert, and promote/tour the album. When Emvy joins we head to Bali, then up into Northern Europe to create awareness about our message, brand, music and bring LOVE and HOPE and HAPPY TIMES into peoples lives and our own. It's my true wish everyone of you resonates with that need right now, I know we're all feeling the pressure, the pull. I intend to fully promote this album and especially a single I wrote and produced last summer - NO ICE. Climate change is here and we must take action everyday.

Here's the link to listen to MAYA in 10 minutes.

I appreciate you SOOOO much

Sending only love in the new age,

respectfully yours,


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