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'We'll Rise' - Do you believe humanity will survive?

New year. New feelings. New resolves. New challenges AND opportunities. No BUTS.

This year will mark a great shift for humanity I feel. Throughout history native cultures have showed and told us about this time we are now in. From my studies of the DreamTime calendar and many cultural prophecies I feel this shift is a necessity for humanity and will ultimately determine whether we live for ourselves or for each-other. Time is money and monies time we've heard it said so much, too much. But when will Time equal art and art Love again. This I believe is our destiny, and we're currently hurdling towards it at an alarming rate. Can we rise to the occasion?

That's why I've shunned the 'regular' modern, white-man, American dream life in pursuit of my heart. It's been far from easy. It's devastated me and beat me down so much but ultimately I realize that I am happier and a better person to the world when I'm doing what I love and what I KNOW I was born to do. And after all, isn't that the core value of the American dream?

The industries do not cater to the masses. They use them as consumer machines to feed those at the top. We know that now. The curtains have been lifting for the last decade and it's about to reveal to us the ugliest truth of all. We're slaved to the money.

I know many of you will never read this email, find it annoying, avoid it, trash it, judge it and write to 'please remove you from the list'. I'm sorry. And I'd say in response, let's be more compassionate towards each other, because in the end, that's all we have. We GIVE our art away for FREE! Let's listen, let's share, let's open our eyes. These are my feelings. It's unfair how we're treating one-another and battling in an ever present 'every man for himself' world. And to what goal? To have the power to pay others to feed us and wipe our ass and buy our ticket off-planet? This is our only earth, we are biologically made from it's clay and water and consciously gifted to care for it from our ancestors above.

This video and song are about rising up from the chaos and hate and confusion and riding the wave into a higher frequency. For us, I'm not sure where that will be yet. Our house is being taken out from under us yet again, to sell, for profit, because it's a sellers market of course!

We may find a place for our show in Mexico, Greece, Bali - anywhere I feel, but America.

As someone born in California's beautiful wine country, I was given some sense of 'entitlement' as a child. But it never came to fruition as I watched my family struggle and sink and ultimately move, leaving me to my own devises. It's not their fault and I understand it's my choices that have lead me here but let it be known I have worked, harder than most and done only GOOD! I only followed by heart and dreams, wrote hundreds of songs, reached out hundreds of times, hundreds of shows, dozens of jobs, built brands, employed others, created opportunities, taken them, it's not MY fault. It's not YOUR fault, it's not OUR fault. Russel Brand speaks fluently on this...

It's the system's. It's those that sold us sugar cereals and antibiotics in our sleep and on TV.

Rising up and forming movement's to protect one-another and vote in a REAL leader and leaders, is our only hope. I'm so sorry if I sound angry. Forgive my frustration. But as the bumper sticker goes, 'if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention' - yes, I could probably use some therapy, or an intuitive, but so could they, and you and the list goes on. It's only by adopting a more spiritual alliance with the creator that we can grow. We're far from perfect.

I know that every day I am kind, I pray, I write, I sit in silence, I help people, I interact with the few real fans we have and inspire them to do what they love. I put the little money I have where my mouth is and support local foods and craftsmenship and causes whenever possible. I avoid animal products and plastic and I inform myself and others about how to leave a place better than you found it.

I hope we've done that in some way for this beautiful desert. We will miss it, but I know we'll be back. It's me deepest wish you watch this video and say a silent prayer today and tomr (my birthday) and everyday, for all of humanity, yourselves and for us, and to see all the work and love we've selflessly given to this craft over and over. And we're not quitting. Next we'll be releasing a cover with video to A Perfect Circles 'So long and thanks for all the Fish' - do you believe humanity will see another nuclear crisis in our lifetime? Do you believe we will survive? I'd love to hear from you, and please be kind. OMD's 'Enola Gay', one of the most pop-driven feel good songs of all time, written about possibly the least 'feel-good' scenario of all time. Our times are ironic. Let's make light of them but taking matter's into our own hands and doing US (you and me) at any cost. Helping each other, not the corrupt. I sincerely hope in some way big or small we've made a positive impact with this song and video. It was shot by us two and a drone at the Great Salt Lake while on tour in September. IN-JOY and Happy 2019 :)

Only love,


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