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I'LL BE WATCHING - Puglia, Italy

What can we say, the last 2 months have been an immeasurable whirlwind of dreams realized. Seeing parts of our own country we'd only fantasized about was beyond words! Some of these national parks we have right here within hours of oneanother are simply breathtaking.

We captured it all and have been sharing exclusively with our GO FUND ME supporters, we couldn't be more grateful to have had the opportunity to share our music with new people and places plus experience VANLIFE at it's finest! In 2019 after we complete our first cuts of all episodes which include shows, pop-up performances, recipes, travel hacks, vegetarian food spots and more; we'll be releasing shorter versions publicly.

Europe was our second half of the adventure and it was unreal! We spent time with friends in different countries, made new friends, plus played some shows in beautiful Puglia, Italy.

It was such an honor to stay with a contact's contact I'd made several years back at Sundance.

He helped arranged shows for us plus let us create and rehearse in the studio. We captured a couple recordings and here's one of them, a mashup of Sting and Ben King that we fondly titled, I'LL BE WATCHING. Enjoy and thank you all for your continued support!

With LOVE,

. . .


PS; Check out our new videos and photos of the adventures at our personal blog on IG @showmethemoment

we're preparing an new air bnb experience to capture others in their moments, too, ,stay tuned!

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