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Yay, It's finally here! We've worked so hard to put this campaign together and we're honored to finally bring you it's release. We're off to a great start, thank you SO MUCH to our supporters! Thanks to you we've got the camera and laptop on it's way. Watch the video above to learn about how we will document our tour life in a van and busking around Europe lover the next few months. We'll explore adventures and eat with locals plus talk to other artists and musicians about their work and lifestyle. You'll get to see insider tips on food and travel and music plus see and hear us at shows and pop-up locations as we go! This is our ONLY dream and the message is clear, NO FEAR, NO HATE and ALL FAITH in the future! We have to bind together and support one anothers dreams to make it through the transitions we're faced with globally right now. That's why we plan to GO GLOBAL with our music and vlogging, finding out what makes people DO and how we can support dreams and culture and inspire wherever we go. We hope it inspires you, too and thank you for a donation of any amount or share!! Here's the link!!!

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