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2018 MASH-UP!

I recently watched Lady Gaga's top 10 rules for success - I cried so hard because my GAWD have I done them all. So, I chant, I sit, I work and work and ask WHAT MORE ... in a rapidly uneven world I wonder, am I alone in this? And, I know there's thousands more like me asking the same, have I not done enough. What more! Now, in the midst of booking our first ever small BELLSTARR tour, I sit confused and fragile, will they call me back? Will they EMAIL me back? Am I GOOD ENOUGH? This is me. This is US. As an artist I am always myself, always proactive, always checking my balance, my gratitude, my blessings, shutting out the noise, doing things MY WAY. Sometimes I feel punished for doing these things, but they were GAGA"s RULES! So I must stick my course, keep my vision and power on. With no time to lose, it is my wish to find myself no longer in this struggle, with more support than ever to make this dream soar. Who is out there! WHO IS LISTENING ?! WHO CARES!! I have no more tears to cry...

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