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It was an honor to have a packed theater for our Solstice event with the JTAAT on 6/23! thanks to the awesome Charolette Bash and Dana Larson for being amazing supporting acts and to all the great artists, astronomers and vendors that brought it together. WE MADE STARDUST FLY! Here's a brief promo of our brand new single NOT THE GIRL that will be releasing this fall along side NO HATE. We are so excited to bring this new sound to you all and embark on bigger shows and tours. Come see and hear it at our Idllywild Brew series or pop-up's at the Desert Yatch club this summer. For now, enjoy it here. This song was written for my best girl friend, it's about how we're always going to be that teenager, that 14 year old, we change and grow but we can't shake what molded us at the coming of age phase. I'm proud of who I've become, since, it could have gone many ways. I have no education beyond 11'th grade, come from a middle class family with not much to spare and still to this day understand the struggle of building and creating your dream on essentially nothing but choices, actions and a strong sense for me, of spirit. I'm stampeding this dream now with no time to waste, as I seek capital and support, I've of course been met with men that promise things with hidden intentions, you hear about this stuff but until your faced with it, you can't fully know how it feels, what it's like to see someone prying on your hard work and desperation. I've kept my wit about me and stayed the badass I am, pure intention and action in tact, thank you to all who have supported me, as a girl on this journey and I stand with all women when I say I, am NOT THE GIRL, not the one to be bullied, abused, taken advantage of or harassed, I stand with and for women everywhere who acknowledge their empowerment and take no bullshit. Despite the promises a man might make, none are worth it at the expense of your innocence and honor. The high path with always show you reward beyond your expectation so, WALK IT LADIES!! Your body and soul is worth protecting. thank you for supporting art and music! AYDRA

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