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We were so honored to have such a beautiful show how at THE LUCKY ONES last month for the soft release of our second LP 'Maya'. Thank you to all our fans that brought together a full house for the event, it was a special and magical night, we felt so LUCKY!

As a follow up to the response, we're hosting another secret desert cirque show at the BIGTOP in Joshua Tree with our collaborative duo, Zircon and Wish at their inspired space for our 13 song brand new album, Maya.

We'll have special guests, hot food and drinks, new merch and more. Use passcode INTUITION for discounted entry at door. or visit home page for presales The event will be covered by local press and filmed professionally. It's been beyond a dream come true and we head to Vegas this weekend for some RnD on venues and opportunities there. We're planning for a great response to our new sounds. It's been my goal and vision to bring my experience in the underground trance scene in SF to our brand and we accomplished this on MAYA.

For the last 6 weeks we've been in a beautiful sublease on the mesa here in the high desert and met our deadline of recording all vocals for the album.

Now we're van-lifing and staying between friends places a few weeks while meeting our mix and master deadline before our next sublease!

It's crazy being your own producer and manager but honestly been amazing working our butts off, cleaning bnbs and leading photo experiences on the side to make the ends meet but this is our baby and it's entirely self-produced!

Some of the songs we'll be releasing as singles to include:





These songs are our world. I'v so enjoyed polishing my producing chops as well, much of the initial tracks we're entirely self-engineered as I had written the song and heard in my head a certain way, so been amazing to finally feel I have the tools and knowledge to bring to life at a mainstream sound level, thank you to Emvy for being patience with me and for all he's brought to the songs and album!

Check out our IG for clips of the last show.

We can't wait to bring you MAYA



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