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The sun has risen!


It's been in one phrase, a perfect storm. When you've given every piece of yourself possible to birth something and suddenly, it's in the world. In the midst of the release party (which essentially sold out) on the 23'rd in Joshua Tree at the Big Top, we were with fever getting the final touches on the album solid, mixing and mastering. It was essentially a DIY job save for a few songs we out sourced for mixing and mastering. That being said, we're very proud of the work! It's available now on all platforms and we're working on a fall tour for Crash, the concept album.

As you'll notice upon listening, we opted to explore the concept with transitions between each song. When I was doing shows all over LA as StarSix and Aydra I'd record this transitionary pieces that linked the songs together and developed the character and story along the way. We ran with that for Crash, the story of an alien Princess ambassador who crash lands her ship on earth and must discover her purpose here ultimately leading her to make a choice, to stay or to go. You must listen to know what she decides! The release party was everything we could have dreamed, the hoop flying through the air, me mic in hand, the sound, the lights, the visuals, the amazing duo Zuricon and Wish who also provided us the venue and costuming, it all came together in a perfect presentation to tell our community who we really are and our intention. Don't worry, there will be more shows!! As we bask in this success we also are starting the day in day out work process of shopping our brand (punk-rock EDM circus opera) and landing MGMT for our fall tour. Stay tuned, the sun has risen!! Thank you for your support. BELLSTARR

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