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CRASH ... the EP is almost here!

FINALLY! A word we mere earthlings tend to use often. As most of us know, when embarking on a project consisting of multiple and difficult steps, it almost always takes 3 times as long and costs 3 times as much to get shit done. This couldn't be more true in our case, but we're proud to say, it's FINALLY almost here! We have the cover art, promo, a release party date and venue + we just wrapped two 12 hour days at Gatos Trail studios recording vocals here in the high desert. After completing this amazing body of work we plan to dive head first into press, marketing, distributing and touring. In the meantime, lot's of writing and rehearsing. Our EP release party is set for March 23'rd at the Big Top here in Joshua Tree with Wish and Zircon. I'll be back in my element singing and swingin! Thank you Brooke Lambe and Joe Barrett for the awesome shots last sunday, here's a sneak at one for you from Brooke. CRASH IS COMING!

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