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Aydra - Interview

It's been an enormous blessing to have some kick-ass marines in our court recently! After crossing paths with combat camera commander at a beer festival on the mesa, we followed up and shot a video together with the amazing RED camera for our newly emerging single, NNRG. That awesome experience was followed up with his crew requesting to do a short interview/personality piece with me and this is what we got! I'm honored to be shown in the light of my true nature and passion, they did an amazing job and we can't wait to get the new video to you all! After an awesome showcase in LA at exchange last week with Raw artists and a snow filled weekend in NEW YORK city, feeling ready to take on the world in a storm of EDM-rock passion and more. Come see BELLSTARR live on NYE at their local watering hole and GEM Landers Brew co. Enjoy the holiday season, stay safe, stay inspired and never quit being YOU.

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