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A time to Help & Heal

Santa Rosa and Sonoma County is my home. It's where I initially fell from space and landed into the haybail fields amidst the ripening grapes of Merlot and Chardonnay. These vines, many of them, now blackened. We are being warned, and the sound is anything but silent. All the signs are crystal clear. And as the veil continues to be lifted we MUST act. For me, that was going there and bringing supplies directly to shelters, connecting with friends, family and talking about this incredibly devastating event. What's important now is to stand up from the ashes and fight to heal and re-build, to not allow this to lessen our power as people, as wine makers, as farmers, most importantly, as creators and community. The first step is to act and reach out to organizations that will funnel money and efforts into re-build and relief. Thousands are without a home. It's unimaginable. follow this link below to learn how we can help. There has not been a more crucial time then now to hold our fellow humans tight and remind them, were here, we're in this together.

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