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Winds. Storms. The moon over the sun. The great flood comes again? The water bearer. She purges. The Aquarian age. The stories told throughout time. The creative class. The end of Money. HOW SOON IS NOW. These are all topics we find ourselves engaged in more and more. Years back when I began my awakening as an artist and diving deep into these mythologies; reading, listening, learning, creating and writing, I realized - this is truly the start to a new era on earth, as HUMAN as ALIEN. I believe were all hybrids, that we have DNA that's incredibly evolved and evolving still. We don't understand our true potential yet but, we are the ALIENS, we are the GODS, and we must do every single thing in our power to fight the forces of destruction at this time. As an artist and somewhat a Shaman in my spiritual beliefs, I feel and have felt these energies a long long time. Brining clean food and craft beer to the table and the field of our collective conscious was only step one. Step two; yoga, movement, dance, power, core lifted. Step three: The music. That is my true purpose, the calling I must complete before I leave earth. So, I thank you all who have supported this path. I chose it so long before I arrived, and I'll continue to choose it, and I'm grateful for the many lessons I'm learning here. Being a part of the high desert community has taught me so much; to be myself fearlessly and LET GO. Fuck the fear. Embrace your true self and acknowledge your true home. SPACE. This debut album for BELLSTARR (Emvy, I and team) is the most important thing in my life. I've sweated and cried and bled and gone hungry, broke and sad only to be more and more driven to do ONLY THIS and create amazing, out of this world content. Our current Go Fund me page is now launched and we want to make you a part of the building of this ship. It's a time for us all to reflect on what's priority, what will we sacrifice and where will we choose to put our time and resources. My efforts are in supporting US, the creative class and those who care about the true new age of humanity - one where we preserve and protect our most valuable energies and make them sustainable so that we may look up and say, WHAT'S MORE. I hope you'll consider supporting us and our album CRASH. Come to a show and never, ever give up on yourself, dreams, or anyone else for that matter, we all count.

A donation of any amount unlocks our new single to you.

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