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We've lost one of the last founding fathers of Seattles Grunge era this week. It's easy to speculate on all the why but in the same thought, didn't much of his early writings hint at this plotted fate. He was ready to say goodnight, the work done. However, the era and the idea 'No one sings like you anymore', + legacy of true grunge, 'fuck you, I love you' un-apologetic new age shit, melodic and sonically alive rock that we love, does it live on? And does the community?

I think we feel that sometimes here, in the desert. . .

In some small way we hope that BELLSTARR can carry some of that torch and keep the fire burning. I'm turning my focus to being a messenger of LOVE no matter what, and to surrender. but not give myself away ... too much. We thank you for all the music you brought us Chris, the words, the emotion; now your soul is free. THANK YOU> <><> <3 U

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