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Warriors hunting for Weightlessness

New singles from Maya out now

In a time of extreme division and a steady incline of 'heat' from so many directions, it's natural to seek your warrior. I support evolution of consciousness, love, creation and freedom from the prisons of this life. It took me much hard work, endurance, sacrifice and personal discipline to arrive here. From a small island in Greece where I'm house-sitting 3 months before heading to Bali to perform and promote the album, I find limitless inspiration and gratitude. Many look with questions, envy or judgement, I gently receive and remind only that I, like anyone, like all of us, have also endured rejection, hardships and discriminations against me that only I can heal.

However, the balance is that so so many have given me courage, said YES to being an artist, and acted on my behalf as sponsors, friends and fans to get this music and message OUT.

We're all hunting for a way to become more alive, in-tune, elevated and advanced, and we should never give up on that quest. More than ever it is a time to embrace our warrior and talk about the issues presented before us, talk about our dreams personal and collective, most important of all, ACT on them.

I'm currently working with a small label in NorCal to push the song off Maya, No Ice. It's a global warming awareness anthem I wrote last summer and now this summer it's out everywhere on the album and soon to be it's own single. I've been spending the day here on a Greek island sending it to blogs and Spotify curators, will you have a listen warriors?

It's my sincere wish to thank you for being a part of this vision and for saying YES to music, art, culture, adventures, nomadic lifestyles, changing the world - picking up one piece of trash at a time! Besides promoting the songs here - I'm also taking photographs for an airbnb experience and curating a showcase of images that represents this timeless and deeply beautiful place.

You can follow me at my personal instagram below:

Yesterday was the Mayan day out of time. The Mayans followed a DreamTime calendar which tracked the 13 moon cycles as a complete year making it a 364 day rotation and the day before their new year, July 25'th was celebrated as the Day out of Time. So now, today, the 26'th the year re-news, what are you celebrating, what intentions are you setting? I believe we need LOVE more than ever now, so find a day that is yours to take 'out' and allow yourself the immersion into self-care, into finding balance and weightlessness - bc we all deserve that. Warriors especially!

Below you can listen to the recently released singles off the album. Follow the last link to the entire album. Be good to yourself and others out there. Saving the world starts with one person at a time, one act, one LOVE.



Please share these songs and album if you're inspired. Send me something you're working on, too. Only LOVE in the new age of CLEANSING and finding your WINGS for weightlessness.


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