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First, thank you to Mark Maryanovich for such an amazing photo shoot! This song I'll admit, has a deep personal meaning to me. It was written for the flown angels in the past two years - specifically the ones who chose to take their own life. Suicide has been a big topic and one cause I will fight for and sing about. Mainly because, I've been there. Saddened and dis-enchanted enough that I asked, 'what's the point in continuing'. A couple songs on Crash we're written under that gun, and, when I wrote and engineered Here 2 Stay, that was a direct message to Chris Cornell and his legacy as well as Chester and the feelings and emotions I battled heavily with following their suicides. It's easy for us to feel the loss just for a moment and move on. The harder part is investigating and asking more questions. Dolores O'riordan, my late hero of The Cranberries, is still an unexplained death, Angel Army was written after her sudden passing, but is for all Angels, our dear friend who died suddenly after attending our release party as a lively sprite, Kim Adams, the video, screening at our solstice event 6/23 will be in her honor and all those who have fallen and flown, most recently, Anthony Bourdain. I don't know. I don't have the answers, Google doesn't have the answers, maybe they're saying stop looking for the answers, but isn't it our purpose here to pursue not only a dream, but the Truth. I myself pray that our band and brand bring awareness to asking more questions, I for one can not and will not turn a blind eye. I intend on seeing the world and talking to people as we tour and perform about the Truth, bullshit is too easy, having a good time is great and all, but I'm sick of ignoring, my passion is to RISE to a future of Super Consciousness, and do it while dancing and singing THE TRUTH. Thank you for your support, we can't wait to bring you our solstice stardust party next weekend at the Astronomy arts theater in Joshua Tree and our brand new single and video directed by the talented Joshua Shultz and shot on the outskirts of Death Valley. The single and video will be out everywhere 6/26/18

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