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The most remarkable journeys we take are often those where we re-visit a past created through art, music and story. We were blessed to have 2 shows last week in OR, one for a pre-eclipse party and one post eclipse party where, not surprisingly, inbetween shows, we got to view the Great American Solar eclipse in TOTALITY - by far one of the most memorable moments of my life, lots of jumping up and down, tears, joy with friends and family. Seeing the stars emerge in the light of day, Venus in all it's loving glory, was beyond words. It's inspired and ignited my heart. We got to adventure, VanLife style down the stunning pacific coast and return home re-charged and ready to take on more of the world! A friend and helper for BELLSTARR recently watched every one of my previously released videos, many of which I keep under STARSIX, the name of my very first solo project. This video, to one of my many self-produced demo tracks LOSE CONTROL, was shot up in Sequoia National Park. We were sparked by hearing it, imagining a production on our second EP in which we will re-create some of my favorite recordings to live on the the stage with BELLSTARR and become an essential element to our brand. It was also fitting since we captured so so many beautiful shots on our trip from monuments, parks and places we'd always wished to see, they will all be on our third emerging song and video for NNRG from the EP - CRASH. Beyond thrilled to be bringing them to life and also to have the courage to re-surge music that I am proud of and equally excited about still. Enjoy LOSE CONTROL. It's only ROCK n ROLL :)

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