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Chester - we miss you

Not 2 months have passed since mourning the death of one of rocks greatest legends, Chris Cornell. In a state of denial after hearing the news last Thursday, I slowly came to grips with this dis-illusionary truth, now Chester. This comes at a time when the world is at odds with it's self, and still processing a loss that didn't add up. There's the part of us that is willing to accept - this was an artist in pain, who couldn't find a way to reveal the battle inside his head other than through melody and lyric. But how to justify leaving behind a family so young, a career so incredible, a band still so active. This, I believe, is a statement. It's a testament to how devastating this world can be, put together on the outside, but shattered within, dying. Chester spoke so deeply to my soul, I grew up and into my artistry on his coattail, spent countless hours belting the songs driving from place to place, not thinking about where I was going, but rather, how do I write like this, sing like this, convey these messages. He was a beacon to me, that I wasn't alone in my thinking, in my expression. He gave me permission. Just a week and a day ago this light went out, it seems the world is quick to move on now, as the lights continue to vanish one by one. But why? Is this something we need to examine deeper, a sign of what's coming, a warning? We're on the edge of an enormous transformation, but we're going to have to do it without some of our strongest heros, the artists that bring the worlds issues into the light. So, with a heavy heart and complexed mind, I rise and say YES to the challenge, because I know in my soul, that's what they all want and NEED us to do. We love you, Chester, we will NEVER forget and we will march on.

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