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Silverlake Lounge - NNRG 7/8/17

After an evening of rock n roll, humility, triumph and error, I've concluded that heels aren't the only thing you should bandaid 'just incase' ... it may have been something living deep inside insisting on expressing it'self this fateful night, but I'll never soon forget it! Alls well in the empire, we gave ourselves away a little bit, to be vulnerable, to mess it up. FOR FUN!! That was my takeaway from LA this time around. Now, back to the Hi's and Lo's of the upper dunes. I do love these sands, even in the triple digits day by day, it gets monotonous and exciting, one things certain, I'm productive and happy in this land, the space, the dry, alluring scenery, thin air and a setting sherbert sun, all part of an NNRG that floods me and keeps me sane here.

'Something I could lie for like this, something that's so mean-ing-a-less'

More to come, can't wait for Saloony Bin Friday! Whoop!!! 2 whole hours to perform!! my favorite. Thank you to our awesome community in both the hi desert and LA, LOVE YOU!

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