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                                         'THE LUCKY ONES' + 'MAYA' 

     Aydra and Emvy's emerging new songs will strike like the most massive roll of thunder, lighting up your neurons and calling you to the floor. Their first new singles, NO HATE and

NO ICE both address our current times as we deal with a dividing country and face climate change. Following up with Our Day, a pure 4-to-the-floor dance hit written for Aydra's little sisters wedding and Bloodflow, composed by Emvy and added with a haunting lyric and melody by Aydra, it'll bring us back down to earth. Aydra also hit's her producing nerve hard with synth-pop smash, Weightless and Emvy with happy accident progression to what formed into the title track, The Lucky Ones. Aydra also wrote some inspired works while touring such as Hunter of a Heartbeat and Stars in Ur Eyes. She also pulled from inspirations written in the previous year following Crash for Ritual and Sacrifice, both pay homage to the albums title, MAYA, living in the Illusion. Speaking of Illusion, listen closely as the 13'th track of the album finishes for their secret song. The opening track, Intuition Aydra wrote last minute after hearing Chvrches new album 'Love is Dead' and gathering a sound that was both fresh and from the heart. This album is packed with surprises and moments that spotlight just how hard indie artists must work these days to be considered anything close to mainstream. It's a free market and the duo are excited to play the game and play it well, with their sites set on touring in both southern and northern Europe as well as Bali for the remainder of the year. Maya is here. 

                                              'CRASH' -- THE SHOW

     Bellstarr's stage show CRASH is a story of an alien princess who crash lands  between galaxies on an important mission! Stuck on earth she's greeted by destructive forces so she turns to love as a protective shield. Elevated, she comes to understand that as a true STARGIRL only she can save herself, by discovering her purpose, rising through unification with earthlings and embracing Super Consciousness! In the end she gets to make a choice about the future.

 Does she stay or go? You must see it to know! Bellstarr also performs a fun, soulful acoustic show of both originals and covers, inquire to the contact email for bookings! ! YAY!!

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