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I'm Aydra

Live entertainer, aerial singer, Joshua Tree supperclub

A NorCal native with a strong sense of independence, I began writing music, performing, creating, and the pursuit of spirit-based living at 13. Born Michelle Audria Floodman, I adopted the name Aydra at 24 and eventually added Jenson and Swan to form my brand.


As a serial entrepreneur with no formal education, I went from plant-based private cheffing for celebrities in Los Angeles to running a 5-star photo/video experience in 3 countries all the while polishing my passion as a musician and creative performance artist. Since 2012 I've produced and performed hundreds of shows, published 3 albums, 8 singles, and dozens of music videos.  In 2023 I launched my exclusive supper club, Odyssee, modeled after pop-art, circus-themed 'Dinner and Show' where I sing and perform in the lyra aerial hoop and with live fire while guests enjoy a coursed meal.

Since 2018 I've had the extreme honor of capturing thousands of guests across the globe from behind the lens with my media company Pink Swan, sparking inspiration, empowering expression, and even hosting 2 content immersion retreats where I guided women in and above water, in my gown collection, to find their inner Goddess. I'm so grateful to have built a beautiful portfolio and thriving business that supports my art and ignites joy.

In the last 4 years, I've lived 'home-free' splitting my time between Joshua Tree, Tulum Mexico, Utah, a small Greek Island and wherever the winds call me. My last album Odyssee was independently released on 11.11.22 and new album and first vinyl run Iliad of Rainbows is emerging this summer 2024. 

On May 11'th 2024 I released Touch Me and on 11.11.23 the popular single, Close 2 U. 

It's my deep privilege to inspire others to explore their unique self-expression and be brave in following their dreams. As an elemental artist, I strive to connect all my art with the beauty of the world and let my audience be transported to a place of wild and unbridled freedom.


Images by Rami Iimar from Aydra's 2023 debut event, Odyssee
  • Aydra J Swan
  • Aydra in The Elements
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"It's my belief the most important thing we could do in this Brave New Age is to be warriors of positive change and love, working together to eliminate hate and waste for people and planet.
 As an artist and activist, I support organizations like Glowing Glowing Gone in effort to raise awareness about the threat of climate change and the importance of our oceans and its precious species. Join the #oceanleauge army by pledging your signature here and create a unique photo to show your support using the Adobe Glowing or Ocean Lenses. There is hope in numbers and it's time to mobilize for one another and the earth"

    -Aydra J Swan

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