Hey! I'm Aydra, a musician, content creator, and spiritual guide here to uplift and inspire! Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll join me in raising the
collective vibe :) 

Using a mantra, or chanting reps is one of the most powerful and ancient tools for transformation!

 The mantra I'd like to offer you to begin is the invocation of mighty Ganesha, the elephant deity who stampedes anything in the way of achieving your desires and clears the path to success.

This traditional Hindu chant that I've recorded in my unique voice with 3-part harmony, specially curated binary tones and analog synth will FAST TRAK clarity, abundance, and peace in all aspects of your life, removing fear from the heart.

All you have to do is press play! 

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If you give up pain, peace will flow into your heart

If you're ready to access a higher vibration that ATTRACTS your worth an desires while rejecting

patterns and stories that no longer serve, all you have to do is press PLAY!



Stampede the path to your dreams

I'm Aydra J Swan, an activist of consciousness, singer, writer, recording artist and spiritual entrepreneur. This path has not always been easy, but after coming to understand it was my purpose, I connected to the universe and asked for guidance. That's when I found my spiritual roots from which grew a sturdy tree to bear fruit. After using Ganesha's mantra for just weeks my life was transformed forever!

I was living my dreams at the highest frequency and sharing that vibration with those around me. When I decided to extend this power to others, I began crafting my best recordings of the ancient reps. It's typical in the Hindu transition, to practice mantra's 108 times.

So I layered a 3-part harmony with the chant and designed a morning and evening mediation. With the help of my engineer, we designed binaural beats or dual oscillating tones to stimulate brain entrainment. The hertz puts us in a theta state where we can transform, heal and re-program to become super manife-stars! I then did a final layer with a Moog synth to create more texture and atmosphere. For best results, I encourage you to use your voice along with the mantra and practice with earbuds and mala beads if you can. You may also choose to listen and repeat mentally before or after bed. However you decide to use these tools,guarantee you'll have results! It's my honor to bring them into your conscious awareness and life!  


Thank you for your support

We are in a deep transition as a humanity on earth, a metamorphosis really and it's so imperative to find our centers and support one another through it! Chanting can stabilize heart-rate, increase your vitality and re-wire subconscious parts of the brain that ultimately help us achieve our dreams and those of the whole.

We are energy waves as you may well know by now and this tool can result in a placebo effect if approached with total belief in it's power! Below are my specially designed Ganesha mantra series as well as bonus binary beats and a special rendition of the traditional Kundalini chant,

Long Time Sun.


Join me in raising your voice and vibration to claim your birthright as an abundantly conscious creator, worthy of your dreams and love!


Enjoy 60 minutes' worth of binary frequencies and mantra to chant and meditate to that will change your life and uplift humanity! 

Instant and secure downloadable MP3's, all you have to do is press play! 


What they're saying ...

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"Honestly, as I do the mantra, a feeling of peace overwhelms me, when I'm done I feel like a wave of calm has gently cleansed me"

-Dawn Oscarson

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"These mantra’s from Aydra are a bright ray of light for difficult times.  If you are a person who finds it hard to commit to a daily practice Aydra’s clear tones and deep focus invite you to join her, to stay present, and realize your intentions."   -Neville Anderson

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"Aydra's positive message and voice weave in magic to morning mantras! Her binary beats raise the vibration as well as support resonance in the present."

-Trace and Adrian James 


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