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I'm Aydra


A NorCal native with a strong sense of independence, I began writing music, performing, creating, and the pursuit of spirit-based living at 13. Now a serial entrepreneur, I run photo/video experiences in 3 countries and have captured hundreds of travelers and brands as well as guided clients to their desires and raised consciousness through music, mantra, and fierce expression.

With the release of my 3rd album, ODYSSEE I'm committed to expanding my reach as a performer, taking my show to exotic locations worldwide and continuing to create for humanity as I go.

In 2022 I introduced my 1'st ever 'Goddess Creation retreat series. In stitching together all my favorite things into a technicolored (gown), I feel I'm doing one of the greatest services imaginable by giving women confidence to use their voices and express passion and beauty for themselves, their bodies, their purpose, and community. As of 2020 I'm also offering copywriting, web development and social MGMT as I continue my digital nomad journey.

I adore being able to share my multifaceted skill sets with my clients as it applies to assisting others to realize their potential, dreams and

business goals! 

See my offerings for more as well as my retreats page for upcoming events and portfolio too!

Odyssee released worldwide 11/11/22!